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What made me a blogger

Hello everyone. Usually i write about blogging tips and everything about wordpress that can help a blogger to take their blog to next level. But today, don’t know why instead of sharing a blogadvize, i want to share about what made me a blogger. For those who don’t know me or visiting this blog for first time, I am Keshu Rai – The man behind BlogAdvize

A short bio of me:

An iOS Developer by mind, a passionate Blogger by heart ❤️ and the founder of I make people follow their passion and “advize” them at every step.When I am not helping people earning a living from their passion, i am watching SCI-FI movies. Currently i am working as an iOS Developer in – A platform for bloggers to read and share positive content 🙂
Ok so this is just a short bio.But I have a lot to tell. Keep reading.
I wont get into my early life details because i don’t want to bore you. An average boy in school, failed in many exams, fun loving and never took education seriously. Because for me, education is not about competing with others to top the class but its about learning things that you are most interested in. I know Trigonometry! Wow! How often do i use it? Never.
I have a degree in Engineering – Information Technology.In India, you don’t decide what stream you want to choose, its your parents and the society and also the so called “trend” that decides for you. So i was following the trend. But those 4 years of engineering did bring a lot of change in me.
As i said, i wasn’t good in studies. failed in 3 exams in first semester, 2 exams in second and many more but anyhow i cleared my Engineering. I was always interested in Entrepreneurship and wanted to start my own business. And so i did.


In my second year of Engineering, i started an online book store. Although many people from so called “Society” said i should not do it as it would affect my education and also business is not an easy thing. My parents didn’t say anything. They just wanted if i am starting something then start but it shouldn’t affect my education in anyway. And so i started. I tied up with the local vendors and book publishers and a courier company and build a team of 4 people and started selling books online.Within 6 months we started getting good response. My online store was hosted on WordPress and thats how i started learning WordPress. After 8 months of my website, i got an offer from a company. They wanted to buy my store. The offer was great and I accepted it. And that was it! MY FIRST SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS.


After selling my bookstore, i started my second business. An Online Tutoring Service, this also hosted on WordPress. I spent the money i earned by selling my bookstore in this venture. We got an office space also and got the same team that i had for my bookstore. We wanted to make this business BIG. I applied to some top colleges of India for incubation and investment. And my business idea got selected for incubation program in IIM Bangalore (Number 1 college for Business & Management in India). But as i was still in my Third year of Engineering and my exams were coming, I couldn’t go as they required min. 6 months and i would had to drop my college. Although i managed to convenience my parents but my other team members couldn’t. And a business is not a business without a strong team. Then after some months we had to close the business because of insufficient funds. I know you must be thinking why am i calling it my Second Success then. That is because i don’t measure my success with the profit that i made but the knowledge i gained. Everyone goes through failure, you also. Learn from your failures.
Winners are not afraid of losing. But losers are. Failure is part of the process of success. People who avoid failure also avoid success.

Other than these 2 projects, i did many more things, worked as Sponsorship Head in my college, worked as Freelancer and delivered some projects on WordPress, worked as Business Development Manager and now iOS App Developer.

How i started Blogging?

As i am working on WordPress from first year of my college, i have a depth knowledge of wordpress and its SEO, Speed, plugins etc. Its been more than 5 years working on wordpress. Its not like i took a course on wordpress or something, but i learned everything by implementing it in my bookstore and for my clients. This is why many people visit me to ask questions related to wordpress and i love answering it. Then one fine day a friend, also my ex-partner of bookstore suggested me if i know so much of wordpress why don’t I start a blog for it. People would love it.

And as i was always ready to help people, i thought it would be much better to start a blog on same thing. And so here i am, advizing you on every step of your blogging journey on BlogAdvize 🙂

I also have a dedicated Ask a Question Page for the same. Whenever you feel like you need a suggestion. Ask your query here and I would love to answer. Ask a Question

Well this was it! Thanks for reading it. I would love to hear your thoughts in comments 🙂

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  1. Interesting. The point is that you kept on doing something and the success is a byproduct. Great! Congrats & wish you good luck.

    I am a retired executive from a top PSU. After retirement, I was working in a private co. where later part of the years there was not enough work. It was around 2013. I didn’t know anything about blogging. I had a habit of writing and so did some search on Google and created a blog thru blogspot. Initially, posted few article but now as I left the job, have lot of time, so the posting picked up. Recently, I have started two other blogs.

    My blogs are;

  2. Hello Manik. Thanks for sharing your journey to blogging. You have already achieved so much so far and your blog will also be a success for sure 🙂 Good Luck 🙂

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