How to get your visitors write for your blog? User Generated Content Tips

How to get your visitors write for your blog?

Don’t you think it would be great if your visitors start writing for you? Many of you will think i am joking but no, its possible and many bloggers are doing it. You can also do the same once you finish reading this post. The topic which i am going to discuss on today is User Generated Content. Let’s Start.

What’s the Problem?

As a blogger like me, you might also always search/think for some awesome content to share with your readers. Every blogger does. And also it’s really hard sometimes to come up with some unique topic that can gain us more visitors and we spend hours thinking about it. I am a type of blogger who wants to share something unique daily with my readers. That’s why you visit my blog don’t you? 😀

Being active daily and spending hours writing content sometimes become a tough task for all of us. So how do we keep giving our readers something to read everyday?

The Solution.

The solution is simple. You have number of users who love your blog and would like to share some topics and articles on your blog. So why not get content from you users? This is where User Generated Content Plugins comes into play. Keep Reading.

What is User Generated Content?

User-generated content (UGC), alternatively known as user-created content (UCC), is any form of content created by users and made available publicly on the website/blog.Some examples are : Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

How to Do it?

What you have to do here is simply get these people to submit their content over at your website. Doing this is pretty simple. Enable a means for front-end content submission and make it intuitive and user-friendly. After that, your users will thank you for invaluable user generated content.

Plugins that are available for getting User Generated Content

#1 Frontend Publishing Pro


Frontend Publishing pro comes with both, a free version and a paid version. Free version will satisfy almost all your need. If you want more functionality then you can surely go for full version. This plugin has a easy to user interface and provide you many options. For example, you will get options to set restrictions regarding word counts, tags, links, bios, and more

In the WordPress admin area you can specify the following:

  1. Maximum and minimum number of words in title, content and author bio
  2. Number of tags
  3. Number of links in article body and author bio
  4. Whether you want to no-follow the links in article body and/or author bio

The Usage is really simple. Check the usage and download the Plugin from here:

#2 Communities

Communities is a wordpress plugin which gives you an option to create an on-site community where your users can login and connect with other users and gives them freedom to like comment share their views on posts and also publish new posts easily.

If you want your readers to get connected with each other then you should definitely use this plugin.

Download :

#3 AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro

 AccessPress gives you an option to get content from your users in easy and customized way by embedding a standard wordpress text editer that we have in back-end and also gives the option to add Featured Image.

Download & Read Full Detail here :



CRED lets you build forms that edit any WordPress content. CRED is a premium plugin and is not available for free. The plugin is specifically built for gated content submissions and comes with features like input validation checker, spam protection, payment integration, ability to incorporate user or member role assignments, provide users with their profile to manage and much more.

With CRED you can create classifieds, listing, membership and any other sites that require front-end content creation and editing

Download :

#5 BuddyForms


While BuddyForms may seem like overkill for a site that just needs basic contact form integration, it’s absolutely perfect for creating front-end content submissions in WordPress. BuddyForms has proven to be an invaluable plugin for communities and networks. With simple forms it is very easy to encourage members, users and community to contribute and engage with your site. This makes the plugin priceless valuable as it supports organic traffic to your site.

Download :

These are the top 5 Plugins that you can use for user generated content and frontend publishing. This will surely help in adding some great content and would also make your readers excited.

Also don’t just restrict yourself to just adding a frontend publishing tool , Click here to Read about the TOP 10 FREE AND MUST TO HAVE PLUGINS FOR BLOGGERS .

Did you find this post helpful? Let me know your views in comments 🙂 

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