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Benefits of having mobile app for your Blog

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Want to take your blog to the next level?

Want to boost your traffic and increase your earnings?

In this article, i would be discussing about how you can boost your earnings and reach more readers with the help of a mobile app for your blog.

Why do I need a mobile app for my BLOG?

I know you want to ask the same question. As the mobile app industry continues to grow exponentially, its viability as a form of marketing will also continue to increase. Now a days, every person has a smartphone.A mobile app is the top way to ensure that your WordPress blog is read by as many people as possible.

For example: You are a person who likes to read about trending fashion. What would you prefer? Visiting to different websites daily or just installing a single app which you can open in a single click and read the trending fashion articles. Of course you would prefer installing an app.

Benefits of having a mobile app:

#1 Build Brand and Recognition

A mobile app for sure improves your Brand’s image and allows you stand among the crowd.

#2 Improve Customer Engagement

Mobile apps also improve Customer Engagement as once the readers have your app, they will open it to read the updated content. Their are various ways like updating the user of a new article by sending a push notification from the app to the notification bar of mobile whenever a new post is published.

#3 Customer Loyalty

A mobile app can help you to stay close to your customer and win their loyalty. By having a mobile app, you are just a fingertip away at all times. Make them a loyal lover of your Blog by providing them your blog’s mobile app.

#4 Stand Out From the Competition 

Their are many top bloggers who still don’t have a mobile app. You can think of it as a plus point and launch your mobile app. By having an app your blog will be able to get a significant head start on all of your competitors.

#5 A Direct Marketing Channel

You can directly send notifications to your user through push notification and also collect their Email Id directly from the app. Any affiliate offers or new post notification would be now just a fingertip away from your user.

 How much does a Mobile APP Cost? 

Mobile App Development cost varies from hundreds to thousands of Dollars. Currently, As we have arranged a special discount for the readers of our blog, here is the offer price for an app for your Blog:

ANDROID : $149 + $28 (Google Developer Account Charges)

iOS APP : $199 + $99 (Apple Developer Account Charges)

NOTE: This offer price is only for bloggers and not for any other kind of Apps other than Blogging Apps.

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