8 things bloggers should never do

8 Things a Blogger should never do

Everyone searchers for what things a blogger should do to get more engagements and traffic. Well today i will be talking about what things bloggers should never do. There are some things that new bloggers keep doing which in long-term may affect their blog. Here is the list of things you should not do as a blogger:

#1 Do not expect success overnight,

This is the major problem with most of the new bloggers. They want to get rich overnight and expect to get high traffic from day 1 of their blog. If you are a new blogger, please do not make this mistake. It takes time to become successful. just keep patience and keep working on your blog. One day it will be a success for sure.

#2 Update your blog regularly.

Most important point, if you have started blogging and want traffic to your blog then don’t expect that you have done few posts and now they will get you traffic without writing more for few days. WRONG. You should update your blog regularly. Keep giving your readers something new to read everyday otherwise they will stop visiting you.

#3 DO Not Copy Content.

This is the problem with new bloggers, they copy content from other sources and post them on their blog. This way you will never get traffic and neither respect in bloggers community. Moreover, Google has started banning websites that have copied content from other sources. So you wont be visible anymore in Google Search Engine. Now you can yourself think how much it would affect your blog. That’s why , NEVER COPY!

#4 Don’t expect Traffic without promoting your blog.

People wont know about your blog until you go and tell them. If you have written many useful articles but you still haven’t promoted your blog then these articles are of no use. Share your blog with your friends, share on different social networks, engage with other bloggers, do Guest posts etc. We will soon publish an article on how to promote your blog.

#5 Don’t Ignore SEO.

Most of the blogger keep posting on their blog without considering SEO. Your blog wouldn’t get promoted by itself. Their are 2 ways: either you keep promoting your blog daily by forum posting and commenting here and there  and get limited traffic or second, just work on SEO and let google bring traffic to you. So, work on Google SEO it would help you in long-term. Their are plugins available which would do the SEO part for you by themselves. The best one which i like and use is : Yoast SEO

#6 Don’t try to be someone Other.

Do not start blogging with someone’s other name like a celebrity or a famous blogger. In starting you might get good traffic, but you won’t be able to make it in long-term. Be Yourself and keep working on your blog and one day you will become greater than the blogger whom you are trying to copy 🙂

#7 Never ignore your readers.

Readers are the one who take your blog to next level. If your readers are happy with you then they themselves will share your blog with others and believe me no other marketing is better than word of mouth marketing. Never deviate from the category your blog is about. Your readers are visiting you because they want to read about that topic only. So try to give them a post to read everyday. Keep interacting with your readers. Answer their queries in comment. Be polite and friendly. Treat them as if you know them.

#8 Do not fill your blog with Ads. Keep your blog easy to navigate.

Do not fill your blog with ads. People do not visit your blog to see Ads but to read the content that you have. Show advertisement, but not by compromising with the readability of content. Also keep your blog easy to navigate. A Reader should be able to guess easily what type of article they can find in a category.

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This is it. Keep these 7 points in mind and you will surely become a successful blogger one day 🙂 Let me know about your views and your blog in comments.

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