Earning money online through blogging

5 Simple steps to start earning money online

People generally ask me how they can start earning money online by working part time and how they can earn money through blogging. So today i will be explaining you this only, to make money online through blogging.

Before going in detail, here are the 5 steps you need to take to start earning online. –

  1. Start your blog.
  2. Start writing useful content.
  3. Share your content to the world and gain visitors.
  4. Build engagement with visitors.
  5. Integrate Google Adsense and also start Affiliate Marketing

How to setup a blog?

If you want to start blogging then you need to have a blog first.  This is the first point and the most confusing task for a person with no technical background. Don’t worry i have been through this stage. I will explain you everything step by step. These are the steps you need to take to setup a blog. I have covered a full detailed article on how to create a blog here.

  1. Choose a name for your Blog.
  2. Buy the domain.
  3. Buy a web hosting.
  4. Setup wordpress through Cpanel
  5. Choose a theme and start Blogging.

Follow these 5 steps and you can easily setup your blog. I would recommend you to read full article on  how to setup a blog here. Every step has been explained in detail to make it easier for you.

Full Tutorial on setting up a blog -> 5 simple steps to setup a Blog

Start Writing Useful Content.

A blog is not a blog until it has content inside it. The content you create should be interesting and attractive because that is what brings readers to your blog. Create content based on the topic you have chosen to blog onto.(Most of the bloggers blog about a particular topic in which they are good in as its important to know what you write about).

Your content should be such that it can bring a change in readers life. People like it when they can relate the content to themselves as they feel you know about them. Try to make reader feel like they are reading about themselves.

Share your content to the world.

Now when you have your blog ready and you have also written some awesome posts in it its time to share your blog to the world. Always remember Traffic on your blog is not the thing that you need but Reader on your blog is all you required.

In early stage of your blog you will find that even you are writing good content but now one is showing up on your website to read your blog. This is a problem all bloggers have faced in starting. So don’t worry just go through the steps that i am telling and you will gain some readers.

  1. Target your audience.
  2. Think where you can find them and start inviting them and sharing the link.
  3. Join different groups and start promoting on social networks.
  4. Write Guest posts on other blogs and invite readers on your blog.
  5. Improve your SEO and make your website SEO friendly.

These are the 5 steps that you need to follow to gain more and more readers on your blog. I recommend you to go through the full article on how to promote your blog here. This is an important part if you are interested in making money through your blog.


Build engagement with visitors.

Now you have your blog ready, published some interesting content and also have some readers coming to your blog. At this point you should start focusing on engaging with visitor and creating a community.

Respond to comments, reach out to the readers personally to solve there queries. Keep your readers happy and you will soon find out that they themselves will be promoting your blog by referring to others.

Read this article to know how to create a visitor into daily user- Click here

Integrating ADs / Affiliate Marketing

Now you have readers and a number of visitors that daily visit your blog generating traffic. Now its time to integrate advertisement int your site. Advertisement is not the only way to earn money. There are many ways you can earn. I am considering Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing in this article because they are the most used and efficient way to make money.

Google adsense is a platform provided by google which you can use to intergrate ads in your blog. When a reader visits your blog and he clicks on any ad then Google pays you for it. This is called PPC (Pay Per Click). This is the best way to earn through your blog if you have sufficient number of daily visitors.

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting someone’s else product on your website. When someone clicks on that ad then you redirect them to the owner’s website with your referral id and if the user buys the product then you also get some percentage of money.


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