5 Hacks that will boost your Affiliate Marketing Earnings

5 Affiliate Marketing Hacks that will boost your Earnings

In one of our posts we talked about 5 Golden rules for success for Affiliate Marketers and now we are back with one similar post but with different tricks which can improve your success rate in Affiliate Marketing. If you imply these 5 tricks correctly, you can improve your affiliate conversion rate easily and earn some extra bucks. Here is a special guide for the readers of BlogAdvize.

#1 Chat with Interested Buyers:

This is a great hack and it can improve your success rate in Affiliate marketing. Try to find out users who are looking for products which you want to sell through your affiliate link. For e.g. I found a post in a Facebook Group which said “How Can I Make A Logo for my startup?” I referred him to Logojoy using my affiliate link. He used the link and made the purchase and I got paid for the same.

Same way, try to find out customer for yourself. Look for them in Facebook Groups, Q/A forums etc. and you can easily make extra bucks from them.

#2 Provide Alternate Buying options:

Suppose you are promoting something which is available at both Amazon and eBay.

Now suppose I am reading your post where you have mentioned about that product. I click on your affiliate link and It redirects me to Amazon. Now me being a eBay lover will surely check the price on eBay also ( or maybe I have a eBay Gift card). So what i will do is , open eBay.com and make the purchase.

Now If we consider the above case, you successfully influenced me to buy the product, but you lost your commission. So d’not do this mistake. Always provide alternate buying options from other sites too.

#3 Add messages that can influence the brain of the reader:

This is also a great trick. Messages like:

I know this is bit costly and it will make your pocket unhealthy but I think it is worth buying. Otherwise Last choice is surely yours.

Such messages make the reader feel like he is reading a true opinion and writer is not getting any benefit from whether he makes a purchase or not.

#4 Use Coupons:

As affiliates we get coupons from advertisers at regular time intervals. Give those coupons to your readers with your affiliate link attached to it. People love coupons and this is why this is a must to use hack.

#5 Don’t let your readers know you use affiliate links:

Most people not know about Affiliate marketing yet. So don’t add messages like “These are affiliate links. Please buy using them.”

They affect your brand reputation and you loose valuable readers. So do not use such messages. I have noticed various bloggers doing this so I think it is must to mention.

Follow these 5 steps and they will surely boost your affiliate marketing income . 🙂  What do you do for affiliate marketing? Let me know your answer in comments.

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